Nature transformed.

Flowstone’s journey from molten lava to architectural marvel is a brilliant collaboration of the Earth and Italian artistry. How does it happen?  Volcanic rock hardened over eons is extracted by hand from open-air quarries surrounding Mount Etna, hand cut, hand glazed and, when placed in 1000°C kilns, undergoes a second metamorphosis. This alchemy of stone, enamel and fire produces characteristic variations in tone and pigment, occasional blooms of ore and fine crettatura (crackling) – “imperfections” that give every Flowstone installation its prized individual signature.  A signature that subtly burnishes over time with a soft, warm patina. Discover rare beauty forged from one of the strongest and eternally renewed resources on the planet.

Discover Flowstone. Learn about the origins, artistry, collections and applications that make Flowstone the modern standard in timeless luxury.