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Beauty for an eternity.

Flowstone erupts with design potential. But achieving the bespoke artistry coveted by today’s sophisticated tastemakers requires a time-honored, multi-step process to create surfaces so tactile and visually luxurious, they feel alive.

Everything Flowstone is custom created to exceed your expectations. No shape, color or detail is beyond the grasp of the craftsmen in our studios in Italy, their skills perfected by sustained practice and innovative production methods.

CUTTING The intriguing process of turning raw stone into sumptuous Flowstone begins with the harvesting of basalt from the quarries of Mt. Etna. Once this is completed, then the stone is cut with the utmost precision to become whatever your dreams desire.

FIRING Only then is the slab ready to be fired, heating it to 1,000° C to intensify its hardness and durability and rid the stone of any impurities.

GLAZING Our superior artistry is truly proven in the glazing process that requires years of experimentation and practice. Metallic, crystalline, gloss or matte finishes are combined with countless colors in a customized mix that’s exclusively yours.

REFIRING Finally, each piece is refired, creating the signature crettatura (crackled surface), superb depth of color, jewel-like beauty and smooth touch that render Flowstone so fascinating.

Ultimately, anything fashioned in Flowstone – from bar tops to tabletops, basins to swimming pools, flooring to fireplace surrounds, kitchens indoors and out – will be an expression of your individuality... and of our care and expertise.

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Flowstone features:

  • Matte, gloss, crystalline and proprietary metallic finishes
  • Bespoke color palette
  • Fired at more than 1000°C for unparalleled heat/scorch resistance
  • Versatile application
  • CAD friendly
  • Ability to create large items from single slabs or blocks
  • Customizable for unlimited creative possibilities